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Commuting Options

Commuting From The Gardens at Jackson 21

Commuting from apartments in Jackson, NJ, is a wonderful option for those that want a suburban experience with the convenience of city life. If you’re interested in this dynamic, then you’ll want to check out The Gardens at Jackson 21. Our convenient location gives you the serenity of the suburbs with simple access to surrounding metropolitan areas like Philadelphia. If you are looking to commute to Philadelphia in your own vehicle, then there are many highway options for you to choose from. You can get into the city in about an hour and a half, with various highway routes a little above or below that timeframe. The New Jersey Turnpike is always a good option for someone looking for a straight drive, but it is a toll road. You won’t have to worry about the twists and turns of a complicated highway, if you choose the Turnpike. For a toll-free option, you can drive down I-295 south, then take I-195 east. In addition to the toll-free bonus, this drive keeps you in New Jersey to avoid the backups that inevitably occur in the immediate Philadelphia area. But if driving through Pennsylvania is your preference, you can also head east at the start of your drive for a smaller toll, then take I-95 south down toward Philly. This option is perfect if you are heading to and from North Philly. With a variety of travel options for commuting from apartments in Jackson, NJ, you can pick the best route depending on the day and flow of traffic. For public transportation options, you can take a shorter drive just 38 minutes away to the Hamilton Train Station, which has excellent parking lots and garages with reasonable daily parking rates. From Hamilton Station, you can take NJ Transit to the Trenton Transit Center to hop on the Amtrak Northeast Regional Line to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station, putting you right in the heart of Philadelphia. Taking public transportation can ease your commute and offer up extra time for you to check work email or read a book on your ride instead of needing to keep your eyes on the road. To cut out a train transfer, you can drive directly to the Trenton Transit Center and add only about 5 minutes to the drive, but parking accommodations are not as convenient as Hamilton. No matter your preference for your daily haul, you can find the right route for commuting from apartments in Jackson, NJ. Schedule a tour of The Gardens at Jackson 21 to view your future home!